A Memorial Garden Amidst Peace and Beauty
Losing a loved one is never easy.  Honoring their memory can sometimes be difficult.
Sadly, the poor conditions of many memorial parks today hardly allow the ease we desire.  Not only can such stressful situations such as the heat, inadequate parking spaces, narrow roads, congestion and the lack of facilities cause physical, emotional and mental complications, and sometimes, as we have seen in the past, something more tragic and unexpected.

Indeed, visits to our loved ones’ final resting place on earth should give us a sense of peace and comfort.  Angel of Meadows Memorial and Nature Park (AMMAN Park) will help ease our pain by giving value to the memory of our loved ones . . . by sharing with us and our family, “HEAVEN” . . .  here on earth.


An Eco-cemetery
Imagine yourself being caressed by a cool gentle breeze, serenaded by the chirping of birds, lulled by the rustle of a cascading waterfalls and awed at the sight of a peaceful lagoon while finding consolation in the company of our dearly departed – – – all amidst in a scenery of sprawling green meadows covering gently rolling hillside slopes with age-old trees beneath white clouds and blue skies seemingly within reach – – – a place where anxieties  are not a problem and where serenity just seem to flood oneself..

You can now experience all these at the Angel of Meadows Memorial and Nature Park (AMMAN Park) in Angat, Bulacan.  Here, our family and friends will get to share the peaceful, unpolluted environment and the lush greenery of this park.


Truly, AMMAN Park is a haven where we can easily find comfort in its peacefulness and picturesque scenery bringing us in touch with nature . . . with ourselves . . . and with our Creator.